As we get close to wrapping up the first month of 2013, how did you do?  I'm talking about your New Year's Resolution, how did you do?  Are you sticking with it or have you strayed away from your original goal? 

I ask this because I noticed the other day at the gym that I am seeing fewer and fewer people showing up.  I'm pretty sure that their resolution was to get in shape and go to the gym every day.  Some folks are still going, you can tell the ones who are still new to the gym, they wear jeans to work out in.  I guess if you are not committed to buying gym clothes are you committed to the resolution?

I have to admit that at the beginning of the month it was a fight to get on the piece of exorcize equipment you wanted and now not so much, I wonder how it will be next month?  I know going to the gym and getting in shape is not the only resolution people chose for themselves, if you chose something else how is that going?

Some of the other top resolutions were to lose weight, that kind of goes with the gym thing.  Another one is to get organized, or some chose get out of debt, that can be a tough one, with holiday bills showing up.  Other resolutions popular this year, spending more time with family and helping others is another one.  Another tough one is quitting smoking, did you?  How's it going?  I have a co-worker who quit and is very happy he did and now is going to the gym.  He says that encouragement from family, friends and co-workers helps him to stay on track.

We chose resolutions to better ourselves at the beginning of the year for a reason, to give us a challenge that we should beat.  It can be tough but in the end it will pay off!  As for me I have been good with my resolution, I gave up Swedish Fish and I haven't had one yet!  As you can tell I like to may my resolutions simple.