Well, this Sunday is the Big Game, yep, the Super Bowl, a game where Tom Brady and the Patriots will be watching from their living room - if they even watch the game. 

It is exciting for the 49rs and Raven's to be in the game, they were close last year to making it in.  This year there is quite a back story, look at the quarterback's, the Raven's have Joe Flacco a guy that many feel is not among the elite quarterbacks in the league and he is going up against the young sensation Colin Karpernick from the 49er's.  Kapernick a rookie that has taken over a pretty good team and with his legs, helped get them to the big game.

Another interesting note is the Superbowl will be Raven's linebacker Ray Lewis' last game of his career.  Lewis a controversial player with his checkered past and over-the-top on field antics adds another angle to the game.  Perhaps one of the biggest talking points about the Superbowl is that two brothers will be coaching against each other.  Jim and John Harbaugh both site their father as their most important coaching role model. They say it's no big deal and it's just another game for them.  Yeah, right!  I'm sure that the winning coach will rub it in the others face, cause' that's what siblings do.  That should make for an interesting family get together.

No matter who coaches the winning team, the real winners are the Harbaugh parents for raising two very talented children who followed their passion and are about to coach the game of their lives!