Here it comes the kickoff to the NFL season!  Kickoff is one day early this year because of the Democratic Convention, which is okay with me, the sooner the better after this dreadful Red Sox season! 

Along with the football season comes the Fantasy Football season.  I have been playing Fantasy Football for a few years now, it's lots of fun and good competition between co-workers and friends.  The first week of the season in Fantasy Football is always the toughest, and where you get the most ribbing from your friends, everyone is on a level playing field and zero points.

Still there are those guys who say why did you pick that player, or you'll never win with that team!  My answer "you never know" thats with the hope of my team turning out to be better than it looks on paper.  I do have to say a couple of years ago I did win the entire season, that's because I had Tom Brady as my quarterback and that's the year he beat the record for touchdowns.  This year my quarterback is Eli Manning, I didn't pick Eli, the computer did for me, I'm hopeful that he has a good year, so I can win.

That's what makes Fantasy Football fun, you cheer for players that you normally wouldn't.  Believe me being a Patriot's fan the last thing I want to see is Eli Manning do well, but now that he is the quarterback for my Fantasy team I hope he has a record setting year and I win it all!  There is nothing better than having bragging rights being the winner.

I mean I work just as hard as those players on the field putting my team in order, not really, like many things it's dumb luck on how your team performs.  Here's hoping I have lots of dumb luck this year!