Sooner or later you knew it would happen, at least I did! Rehab for cell phone addiction, and they have a name for the addiction: Nomophobia!

Nomophobia is the term used by researchers to classify people who are anxious when they don't have access to mobile technology like their phones. A recent study of 1,000 individuals showed that the percentage of people who feared losing their phone had increased from 53 percent to 66 percent.

Now, a leading drug and alcohol recovery center has founded the first recovery group for people with nomophobia. The group is based in California, and helps people recognize the signs and symptoms of their over-reliance on mobile technology, explore the psychological roots of their vulnerability to becoming addicted to it and master emotionals, cognitive and behavioral techniques to regain their autonomy.

Wow that's a mouthful! I know that I find myself spending lots of time with my iPhone, it keeps me in touch with my email from work, I am updated on the latest news in an instant, I can see what my Facebook friends are up to and keep track of what my family is up to via text. Isn't that what the companies that sell these devices want? I look at my teenage son who is constantly on his phone, no not talking but texting, listening to music and everything else that comes with a smart phone.

I think of him when I hear about this addiction, what would happen if he had to spend a week without his phone? He would go crazy! I think back to when I was a teen and how I would spend hours on the phone talking to friends and having my mom and dad yelling "get off the phone"!

It was so bad they had a separate line put in the house just for me! Teens these day's don't talk to each other on the phones, they text, Facebook, message and do who knows what else on them. I think we all have to give in to the fact that the phones are going to be part of our lives, until the next advance in technology comes along...