After the week we had, I'm finally able to catch up on some news that I have missed. One story that caught my eye is about an Arby's manger that was fired after leaving the restaurant during an armed robbery. Wait a minute fired for leaving while the place was being robbed, what's wrong with that?

Here's the story, Mary Archer was closing up around 1 a.m. when a man with a knife confronted her. She was able to get away by leaving through the drive-thru-window. Archer was fired after the incident because she had violated the company policy that requires two employees to be in the store at all times. What is wrong with Arby's? The place is robbed and she gets fired for protecting herself?

By the way Mary has been working for Arby's for almost 23 years and she say's that she doesn't want her job back. I don't blame her who would want to work for a company that treats you that way, its almost like she is the criminal here. I'm sure the powers that be at Arby's will take a good look at this and hopefully do something for Mary, after all 23 years of service is worth something isn't it?