It's the one day a year we can all be a little childish and pull those silly pranks that get friends and co-workers going a little crazy.  April first, All Fools Day, a day that some people love to pull pranks, others just want to hide under the covers and forget all about it.  Have you ever pulled any silly or crazy pranks that left everyone laughing or crying?  There's nothing worse than a prank that goes bad, I think back to some radio pranks that were played on the public that ended pretty badly for the on-air people, namely losing their jobs or being suspended for a while.

Pranks can be a lot of fun, like the time I took a bullion cube and inserted it in the shower head.  It's really simple to do, unscrew the shower head, slide the cube in the pipe, screw the shower head back on and wait outside the bathroom for the screaming to begin!  Another prank that is a lot of fun, the kids love this one.  Take a package of cheese from a Mac N' Cheese package and mix it with water until it looks like an orange flavored drink, put it in a pitcher and stick it in the fridge.  The minute someone takes a sip it will have the whole house laughing and wanting to pull a prank on the next person. One time at work we did a little stunt that was kind of gross, we put some peanut butter on some toilet paper and left it outside of the bathroom.  Needless to say co-workers were not to happy!  I would love to hear what kind of pranks you have done, feel free to share.