Student Council serves as the voice of a school and is the link between the student body and administration to keep the school strong as a whole.I am a senior at Apponequet and have been engaged in student council for three years as a class representative. I am very committed to this extracurricular activity and look forward to developing more leadership qualities through my commitment in the council.

I am sure some of you are wondering, well what does a student council do?

For the most part, students share their concerns,  ideas, and  interests to improve the schools climate. We raise funds for special events, community service, school reform and we organize the needs and priorities of the school. Also, the council promotes school spirit by holding spirit pride events or having motivational speakers visit to explain the importance of leadership. My school is very involved in student council and we offer many leadership conferences and workshops throughout the school year and over the summer. I have attended many conferences over the years and now I am confident that I have the foundation of a good leader. With my passion and dedication to student council, I am willing to take on the responsibilities of others, fix my mistakes, and work as a team to drive my vision as a leader to completion.