A member of a committee working on the restoration of Palmers Island in New Bedford Harbor says he's uneasy about blasting planned this month in the harbor for the Marine Commerce Terminal project now under construction. 

John "Buddy" Andrade tells WBSM's Mid-Day Live, there could be up to 50 controlled underwater explosions less than 200 yards away from Palmers Island, which is home  to a 160-year old lighthouse. 

Andrade says he wants the company doing the blasting work to take some precautions......

The blasting is scheduled to begin sometime around the middle of the month.  Officials say its needed to make the harbor deeper, so large ships can make their way to the Marine Commerce Terminal. 

Andrade says Palmer's Island is a piece of New Bedford history, and important to residents in the south central neighborhoods, and he wants to make sure its protected.