Is the American Dream becoming out of reach for the average family? The belief that with hard work and the freedom to choose your destiny is a centerpiece of American life. But for a lot of people, especially in this area, achieving the American Dream is more and more difficult, according to a new book titled, Chasing the American Dream, written by Mark Robert Rank, Thomas A. Hirschl and Kirk A Foster.

Home ownership is central to the American Dream. When the price of a home with a 30-year mortgage is added to the cost of all your taxes, owning vehicles and paying everything from utilities, cellphones, groceries, insurance, clothing, out-of-pocket expenses on everyday items, the whopping total comes to about $130,000 and more to pay the price tag of the American Dream.

With that in mind, is the American Dream costing you so much that it's becoming out of reach? What can be done to bring that cost back into control? Many analysts are saying quietly that the American Dream is something only a small number of families can accomplish. Do you have any recommendations?