I remember reading Arthur Schopenhauer who said every parting gives a foretaste of death, every reunion a hint of resurrection.

So goes this astonishing story, a few days ago, from the Nashua Telegraph! It will fill your every sense and emotion to see how going from place to place, Ginger, the Basett Hound, and her loving owner are amazingly reunited after more than 10 years apart!

The article says that the man, Jamie Carpentier, had divorced his wife who took the dog with her. However she gave the dog up for adoption in 2003. After that Ginger was adopted by an older couple. Now, 10 years later that couple also can't care for Ginger, so she is given up again.

Amazingly her former owner, Carpentier, just happened to wander into the animal shelter where she was. Now the two are reunited. How awesome is that?

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