While riding my bike recently on a route I take almost everyday I had an encounter with two German Shepherds, I have seen these dogs many times on my ride and they usually bark and that's it.  This time however it was a little different, my route takes my by this house twice and the first time by there was the usual bark, on the way back both dogs came charging at me!  This is the first time this has happened, the dogs usually never leave their yard but they came out in the road at me.  I stopped and the charging dogs held their ground and continued to bark and growl at me, if I tried to get back on the bike and ride they would head come closer.  I ended up shouting and whistling at the house until someone came out, the person called the dogs but they did not move, he said to me "they wont hurt you, they are good", that was a chance I was not going to take.  Finally the dogs were taken away and I was able to ride again.  I'm not sure of the leash laws in our area but I think that it is important to know where your dogs are and keep them in control, I would hate to think what would have happened if I were a little kid riding by and this happened!