So the big meal is over, and you are stuck with a whole bunch of leftover turkey and all the trimmings. Here are a few ways that you can take advantage of all those left overs, and come up with a great meal.

Thanksgiving Sandwich


This is probably one of the best ways to use up your leftovers. Just throw all those goodies together together between two pieces of bread, or even some leftover dinner rolls. All the flavors come together like heaven in this sandwich.

Turkey Soup


You won't necessarily use up all your left overs in this, but it's a good way to take advantage of those turkey bones, and some leftover meat. Plus, if you served carrots, or potatoes (not mashed) at dinner, you can throw some of those in there too. Check out this quick and easy recipe from the Food Network.

Turkey Casserole


Want an easy way to take all those great Thanksgiving flavors and turn them into another great meal for the family. It's quick, and easy. Here is a great recipe.

Hot Turkey Sandwich

Food Network

Another easy way to enjoy all those Thanksgiving goodies again. Rachel Ray has a really easy recipe to follow, so that it won't be like recreating the whole meal again.